About Us

Les Films du Lotus is a Swiss based film production and development company founded in 1992 by Kamal Musale.  The company has selectively produced more than 20 films over the last two decades, mainly documentaries and art films, with the Swiss National broadcasters (German, French, Italian) and European ones (Germany, France, Sweden).
We are currently completing Bumbai Bird our first feature film in Hindi (for western festivals), which has been co-produced with  Curry Western Productions Pvt Ltd., our sister company in India,
We are developing 3 other features films (in English) with European partners.
We also have a new documentary – motoco –  a Swiss-French-German feature documentary in production.

Les Films du Lotus is also a coproducer of  the Swiss Indian Film Bridge (sifb.org), a network platform for cultural exchanges between Switzerland and India, representing Swiss Film Location in India.

With Juliane Schulze from Peacefulfish (Berlin) Kamal Musale founded  eurindiamedia (eurindiamedia.org) in 2011, which is the official representative of EuFCN (European Film Commission Network), for coproductions between India and Europe. The aim of these initiatives is to help develop the nascent market of coproductions between India and the western countries.


Kamal Musale, founder of Les Films du Lotus

The Swiss-Indian filmmaker Kamal Musale has earned a degree in film direction and scriptwriting from the National Film and Television School in England. He now works between India and Europe, focusing on making movie with Indian content for western taste.

Selected at Cannes in 1989, The Three Soldiers, a short film, was to become a classic and already points towards the daring and sensual world the filmmaker has gone on to explore in over 30 films to date. Short and feature-length films, fiction and documentary, commercials and music videos, Kamal’s work runs the gamut and has enabled him to acquire a deep understanding of and real expertise in handling a camera, editing film, and designing sound.

Kamal is now releasing his last film, Millions Can Walk, a feature documentary about the Yan Satagraya March, which saw 50’000 landless Indian farmers marching for their rights. He is diffusing the film not only in the West, but in India, to the cities and the villages. On the fiction side, he is completing Bumbai Bird, an Hindi feature film coproduced between India and Switzerland. The Hermit, is next feature, is an English coproduction between U.K., Germany, Switzerland and India. Kamal has also been hired to write the screenplay for a forthcoming feature on Mother’s Teresa. His Indian company, Curry Western Productions Pvt Ltd is developing Jungle Girl Book, a subservise tale about a young woman in the urban jungle of Mumbai.

In 2012, Kamal founded eurindiamedia with Juliane Schulze (peacefulfish, Berlin), a body representing the European Film Commission in India, and the Swiss Indian Film Bridge with Beatrice Dolder (Mumbai) in 2010, a film network platform between Switzerland and India.

On the side of his fiction and documentary work, Kamal has written concepts and directed many corporate / commercial works for major clients, notably FIFA-UEFA (World Football association), Nestlé (Food Branch) and Nespresso, Swiss Federal Affair Office, Swiss bank BCV, Henniez water, etc.

Humanitarian concerns are also high on his list of priorities, to which he answers with a regular production of short films on different topic, for Amnesty International, Red Cross, Barefoot Acupuncturists and Win India to name but a few.

Kamal is now completing Mumbai Bird, an Hindi feature film coproduced between India and Switzerland, and preparing The Hermit, is next feature, an english coproduction between Switzerland, Belgium and India.