Coop Naturaline movie 1- trailer

BioRe India is the largest organic-cotton company in the world, and was founded in 1991. Its objective is to improve small farmers’ livelihood through organic farming of cotton. Farmers are treated as partners receiving agricultural advice and support for the purchase of organic means of production.
Organic farming enables farmers to build up agricultural production on a sound basis giving them increasingly stable income without the need to take out loans for expensive chemicals. This makes farmers less vulnerable financially. bioRe® India supports farmers by means of both a guarantee to purchase their organic cotton and payment of a premium on the local market price.
Coop Naturaline, one of BioRe client, is a label of the big Swiss retail chain Coop. Under this label, textiles made ​​from organic cotton that are produced and processed according to strict social and environmental policies are sold with great success.

Coop Naturaline – movie 2 SANGITA

 Bio Cotton Naturaline

Liter Of Light


Liter of Light Europe is part of a global open source network with the aim to spread an alternative cheap source of light. A normal PET-Bottle filled with water can be used as a light bulb to bring light into underprivileged households during the day. The plastic bottle is filled with only water and bleach. The liquid inside the bottle harnesses the light from the sun, capturing and diffracting the light to all parts of the room. It is equivalent to a 55 watt light bulb. The Swiss organization was founded by 10 graduate students from the University of St.Gallen in Fall 2011. Directed by Kamal Musale. Music by Yello. Produced by Curry-Western Productions, Mumbai, India.


A commercial to enroll policemen.

Lyn Leon

Music Video byPierre-Yves Borgeaud and Kamal Musale

IFPD with Mr. Piccard

A commercial for the International Foundation for Population and Development, broadcast on CNN and european broadcasters, calling for the respect of women’s rights. The IFPD is run by chairman Christine Magistretti and general secretary Christina Marich, with the support of member Dr Bertrand Piccard.

The Police is looking for you

Commercial for enrolling into Swiss Police. 2007


Commercial for the Swiss Water.


Commercial for a Swiss Bank and its Cinema Club incentive.


Stimmhorn in Inland, the making of

A Kamal Musale making-of of Pierre-Yves Borgeaud’s documentary “Inland”, featuring “Stimmhorn”. Stimmhorn leave behind all categories and pass beyond all genres: with references to various musical styles and combined with theatrical elements, the duo, using the means of instrument and voice, invents acoustic voyages between traditional and experimental worlds of sound. For their innovative joy in experimentation, Zehnder/Streiff have been given numerous award-winning commissions. “stimmhorn” have become a label for a mixture of foreign and familiar sounds of the land from the Alps. Both Inland and its making-of are films produced by Thomas Beck for SF.