Barefoot Acupuncturist

Barefoot Acupuncturists is a non-profit organization, providing acupuncture in low-cost clinics to those with insufficient access to healthcare, in slum areas and poor villages in India. They also train new Indian acupuncturists to deal with most common illnesses with that chinese discipline particularly efficient in treatment of pain. Walter Fischer, Ujwala Patil and Jacques Beytrison are the founders. This 7 minutes long documentary is directed by Kamal Musale, produced and financed by Les Films du Lotus, Switzerland, and Curry Western Productions, India.

Terre des Hommes India

Regullanka, a sleepy village nestled in the flood-prone river bank of the Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh, earned a rare distinction. For the first time in Asia, residents of the entire village have embraced an innovative, eco-friendly, waterless toilet – the EcoSan toilet. This toilet change their life forever.
The absence of toilet can lead to major public health issues. Human excreta contains a very high level of bacteria, which, due to open defecation, can easily contaminate water sources. it is one direct source of malnutrition for children, affecting one child out of 4. 
In India, more than 50 % of people practice open defecation, compared to 1 % in China.
By having their own private toilet, safety for women is also largely increased.

Property Rights are Human Rights

The Department of Foreign Affairs supported the production of a documentary film to raise awareness of property rights. This film “Property Rights are Human Rights” by Kamal Musale illustrates the importance of property rights as a Human Right and the key role of human rights as inter- dependent and universal rights.
In 2006, Switzerland launched a series entitled the Swiss Human Rights Book ( The first volume, edited by Hernando de Soto and Francis Cheneval (Realizing Property Rights), dealt with the implementation of property rights as a human right. This book generated reflection on these rights and their recognition for the most disadvantaged, in particular in the process of legal empowerment of the poor. The equitable access to property rights for everyone is a goal of the Swiss policy of human rights promotion and protection and also of our cooperation and development policy. Access to property and protection for all (the human security concept) is an approach in the fight against poverty which deserves to be taken very seriously.
The mandate of the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor covers this subject area and proposes an innovative and inter-sectoral approach to the fight against poverty, an area in which Switzerland has an interest.

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