When Sheela Patel is fired from her job and announces to her husband SIMON, an upperclass layabout who spends all day watching disasters on the TV news and scratching his balls, that she will be joining him on the dole, she has just got a call from India: Ashok, Sheela’s father, has been killed in the jungle in mysterious circumstances. And they are to inherit his substantial property in India. THE HERMIT is an old-fashioned comedy with a modern heart – cast between bedroom farce and environmental agitprop.

A coproduction with Louise Production (Switzerland) and Cinevedas (Canada).


Barefoot in Bollywood is a contemporary musical,a pastiche of Bollywood’s song and dance films, a comedy set inside the Indian film industry.

Khan, an Indian filmmaker, is shooting the movie Cinderella but has lost his passion for making these masala musicals. His producer,Lady Basmati imposes on him her two daughters in the main roles and their mediocre talent bores the director to death. Khan finds a new taste for life when he meets the radiant and beautiful Carlotta, the unknown stepdaughter hidden by Lady Basmati. Carlotta sings and dances like an angel. Khan is determined to give her the lead role.

Barefoot in Bollywood is an entertaining blend of contemporary Bollywood’s ultimate kitsch with modern western trends, in story telling, music and dance accommodating Indian spices with occidental vibes.


Birgit Schulze is making a documentary about Professor Singh and his new theory about the source of humanity, which is creating maelstrom in the scientific world. Their funny trip takes them from Mumbai to the Earth of Europe, where they discover the source of humanity in a remote valley in the Swiss Alps. A coproduction with Curry Western (India).

Screenplay by Kamal Musale.