In Production

motoco – India teaser film

The second trip of the motoco movement: 12 students and 4 staff from Hyperwerk – the post-industrial Institute for design in Basel. In this trip, the students are exposed to bamboo, that will play a relevant role in an upcoming workshop in India. Visiting the IIT – Institute for Technology in Bumbai, as well as schools of architecture and design in Bangalore, the Swiss meet the Indian students and travel with them through India, all the way to Delhi, were they prepare a bamboo exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Embassy building.

Motoco is a coproduction between Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland), Curry Western Productions (India), and the Hyperwerk Institute of post-industrial design in Basel (Switzerland).


motoco – Istanbul teaser film

Following twenty students and staff from Hyperwerk, the post-industrial Institute for design in Basel, director Kamal Musale has been filming the birth of the movement “motoco” for a month, together with fellow film-maker and journalist Andreas Hoessli.

The road-movie started in Basel, passing through Trieste,visiting art schools in Zagreb and Belgrade, saw Sofia, and eventually arrived in Istanbul to meet with the students and professors from the Yildiz Design and Architecture departments. The workshop in Istanbul has been producing material that will be presented at the International Design Exhibition from June 6 in Basel. The first part of the movie has been edited by Selina Nayyar, our inhouse editor.

The Motoco project involves design students from schools in France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, and Turkey. The seconde phase of shooting will take place in India in 2013. Motoco is a coproduction between Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland), Curry Western Productions (India), and the Hyperwerk Institute of post-industrial design in Basel (Switzerland).
A rough cut of the trip has been edited by Selina Nayyar at Curry Western, Mumbai. Original music is from Turkish composer Nazim Cinar.


Bumbai Bird – teaser 2 (3 min 27″)

Bumbai Bird is our first feature film in Hindi, currently in post-production.

It tells the story of a soul which is encountering different unconscious people in Mumbai, and going backward in time to understand what happened to them, how were their lives and what destiny meant to them. The film is mixing different levels of reality with poetic devices. It also has the particularity to be written, shot and edited in the same time, following patterns of improvised performance, evolutive writing after editing, inspiring new camera work as the film takes shape. This experience is based on a concept and treamtent by writer-director Kamal Musale.

The movie Bumbai Bird is a coproduction between India and Switzerland, aimed at European markets and festivals.


Bumbai Bird – teaser 1

A poetic story, in which a soul compassionately witnesses different lifes in Mumbai. Bumbai Bird will be produced in 2012. Here you can see an assembly of the tests we’ve been making to check our production setting. This feature film is a coproduction between Curry Western Productions (India) and Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland). Produced and directed by Kamal Musale.